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Create a reusable AlloyUI custom validator

The AlloyUI framework integrated within Liferay provides a very powerful and flexible system for the form validation: some default validators (required, url, email, ...) are provided and you can also create custom validators with your personal application logic.

But if you want to re-use many times the same custom validator, you need to duplicate code around the application; so let's see a very interesting way to define a reusable custom validator.

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Liferay Dynamic Select - part I

Anyone who has ever developed a web application, has found himself dealing with the classic problem of the linked combos: by selecting a value from the first combo, the values of the second combo are filtered (or loaded).

An example? Nation and region, rather than region and city; or maybe the triad nation, region and city.

Fortunately, Liferay staff had the same problem and solved it by creating a very useful Javascript component: DynamicSelect.

In this first part of the article we will see a classic and simple use of the component, leaving to the second part a more complex case applied to custom entities.

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How to display plugin version number

When you're doing maintenance on software, although it has been developed in-house, the first problem is to figure out which version is installed; this information is not always easy to retrieve, specially in a portal environment where there are a lot of installed plugins.

Fortunately Liferay offers 2 alternative ways to obtain the same information; but first let's try to figure out what the version number we're talking about is.

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How to manage browser informations with Liferay

It can often happen that you need to know some informations from the browser or the client that sent the request, in order to make specific decisions. The request is from a mobile device? Or from Firefox? Or maybe from Internet Explorer?

If you ever needed to have an answer to these questions, let's know that Liferay has a very useful class for this purpose; let's see what it is.

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