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To create a PortletURL with Liferay is quite easy with the taglibs provided by the portal; but if we had the need to create some URLs at runtime, based on the value of some field of a form, how can we do that? We should use other libraries, with Javascript.

If we were inside a JSP page, the creation of a URL would be fairly straightforward:

  • <liferay-portlet:actionURL />
  • <liferay-portlet:renderURL />
  • <liferay-portlet:resourceURL />

Using taglibs we create hard coded URL inside the page; however, sometimes you may need to create a URL programmatically but fortunately we can use the Javascript libraries provided by the portal. Here's how:

<aui:script use="liferay-portlet-url">
    var portletURL = Liferay.PortletURL.createRenderURL();
    portletURL.setPortletId('<%=PortletKeys.SOME_PORTLET %>');
    portletURL.setWindowState('<%=LiferayWindowState.POP_UP.toString() %>');
    portletURL.setParameter('param1', param1);
    portletURL.setParameter('param2', param2);
    portletURL.setParameter('mvcPath', '/html/my_portlet/my_page.jsp');

    // Now we can use the URL

Similarly you can also create other URL type as needed:

  • Liferay.PortletURL.createActionURL()
  • Liferay.PortletURL.createPermissionURL()
  • Liferay.PortletURL.createResourceURL()
  • Liferay.PortletURL.createURL()

If you're curious, you can see the module sources: liferay-portal-6.2-ce-ga3\tomcat-7.0.42\webapps\ROOT\html\js\liferay\portlet_url.js.