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Let's use Liferay tabs

You often have to develop applications that expose different features and it is possible to implement different solutions; one of these solutions is to put each feature within a different tab.

In this article we will learn to use, in your JSP pages, the tabs provided by Liferay taglib.

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Mokabyte collaboration

By the end 2012 I started a collaboration with the online magazine Mokabyte ( for which I wrote some articles about AlloyUI.

Here are the links to read the articles (italian only):

  1. AlloyUI e applicazioni web - I parte: Introduzione al framework

  2. AlloyUI e applicazioni web - II parte: Validation Framework

  3. AlloyUI e applicazioni web - III parte: Funzioni per l'auto-complete

  4. AlloyUI e applicazioni web - IV parte: Creare un modulo personalizzato