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Marco Napolitano

Marco was born in the late 70s and soon he found himself struggling with monitor and keyboard of an old Olivetti M24 (still working and jealously warded); he crosses all the childhood and adolescence cultivating his passion for computer and information technology, until he decides to enroll in the faculty of Computer Engineering, who attends arm in arm with a freelance job until the graduation.

In 2006 he writes and releases to the community the Joomla 1.0 Devbook - Developer's Guide (the only available manual in Italian for version 1.0), which is also attached to the number 200 of the italian magazine PC Professionale.

Always very interested in web technologies (not only in Java) he continues his career developing web applications on Java EE platform for the banking area with WebSphere Portal Server, familiarizing with the JSR 168 and 286.

Since 2010, he is concerned with developing applications on the platform Liferay Portal Server and in 2011 he gets 2 technical certifications as a developer on Bonita Open Solution.

By the end of 2012 he collaborate with the online magazine Mokabyte for which he writes several articles related to the framework AlloyUI.

In the 2014 he obtains the Liferay Certified Professional Developer 6.1 certification and in the 2016 the Liferay Certified Professional Developer 6.2 one

Liferay Certified Professional Developer 6.1 Liferay Certified Professional Developer 6.2

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