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Liferay 7 release has brought great news in content management scope: AlloyEditor.

This new WYSIWYG editor has certainly brought a breath of fresh air; however, those of you who have used it, have surely asked what happened to the buttons for text alignment, paragraph indentation or superscript.

These buttons, are supported by AlloyEditor, but they are not enabled by default and you need to write code to enable them!

More and more often I had to customize the editor buttons, so I told myself that it would be very helpful to be able to do it through a simple portal configuration. From here comes AlloyEditor Manager, a very useful bundle that will allow you to enable and disable the AlloyEditor buttons for each portal instance.

Once downloaded from the Liferay marketplace, you just need to access the System Settings section within the Control Panel and click on the AlloyEditor item; the list of all the options that can be enabled and disabled will appear. Once the changes have been saved, all instances of AlloyEditor will only display the buttons you have enabled.

Follow the link to download the bundle from Liferay marketplace: AlloyEditor Manager