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If you have worked with Liferay for a while, you'll probably found yourselves working with ListType objects, the set of elements contained in the listtype table with which you can automatically populate the <select> tag.

However, there are no portlets for managing these elements and all operations must be done by hand directly on the database via SQL; this is rather uncomfortable and frustrating.


Additionally, there is not even a Java API that allows you to add or edit records in the ListType table so the developer's work may be limited.

So I decided to develop a specific portlet to manage all elements of the table: List Type Manager. Through the portlet you can insert new items, edit and delete existing ones and do search.

Since the listtype table does not have audit field, you can not bind the elements to an instance rather than another, therefore, all changes to the table data are cross over the portal; so, for security reasons, the portlet is accessible only from the Control Panel, in the Server.

The extension is available on the Liferay Marketplace: List Type Manager