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RokSprocket ( is a module developed by RocketTheme, extremely powerful and versatile, used to display articles through lists, tabs, accordion. 

The module can be configured to display the intro text with a link to the full article on the title; but unfortunately there's no way to hide the Read more button by configuring the module itself; so let's see how to do that.

The solution is quite simple and consists in the definition of a custom CSS stylesheet, to be defined within the template (which must be a RocketTheme one, otherwise it will not work) to hide the element that displays the Read more button.

All RocketTheme templates are based on Gantry framework ( which provides a very simple mechanism to define a custom CSS file: you need to access the /templates/[TEMPLATE]/css folder and create a file [TEMPLATE]-custom.css inside it.

Instead of [TEMPLATE] you need to use the RocketTheme template name you are using, for example:

  • rt_oculus;
  • rt_voxel;
  • rt_ximenia;
  • ...

Now it is sufficient to define the following class in the CSS file, to hide the button Read more:

.no-readmore .readon {
    display: none;

From now on, each RokSprocket module in which you'll want to hide the Read more button will just need the no-readmore CSS suffix.